Cottages and other accommodations are the ideal starting point for activities in and with nature. In peace or as a guided tour you have all the time and possibilities to enjoy nature.


Eat and drink with, take a camera in your hand and go on the game
Various residences invite you to linger. There is something for every wind and weather.
Feeding places are preferred by the animals. Try it..




Quite often we cook in nature, not because of the romance, but because our guests are served fresh food on the spot. This tastes and is healthy. Be there when the next time our community start to plant trees. Let yourself be part of the kitchen service and learn how to make the best food in the world like a small fire, fresh ingredients and love.


Do you know that it is a wonderful motif and you do not know how a good photo is made of it. With us you can learn at a weekend how a good photo is created. Whether Nikon, Canon or Panasonic simply bring your camera with and we will show it to you ...

Boat tours

One of the largest and longest rivers in Germany is the Elbe. Boat tours inevitably lead to wilderness camping, bonfire conversations, and self-awareness.


Pilgrimage as a way to yourself can be a good way out here to get to know yourself better. How this works and what you can look out for, we show you in a workshop. Good clothes and shoes are important. We would like to advise you ...

Guided wagon rides through the Dübener Heide make the holiday a memorable experience. Whether with the club, the family or friends, something to eat and of course something decent to drink and the tour can begin....

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