I enjoyed his honest and clear way of communication.

— Jean, Germany —

I stayed at Christian's place for 3 days and 3 nights.

Christian is a great host, and he has so much to share. I know very few people who have lived such an interesting life. He is a professional development aid worker, but his definition of “development aid” goes beyond just working in the respective sector. He takes development aid literally, so he tries to aid others in their personal development. This can even be somewhat hurtful at times, but I enjoyed his honest and clear way of communication a lot. His self-made “Kalaboot” house is an impressive example of eco-friendly DIY architecture without compromising convenience. The PV system provides more than enough power to produce oil and blast some wonderful music at the same time.

I saw an oil mill at work and filled oil into bottles, I produced oat flakes and I learned how the “market 2.0” works. Christian’s way of life and work is truly inspiring for me and I can fully recommend him as a host."